понедельник, 20 августа 2012 г.

Anarchy has come to Russia =)

Hello, my little bitches =)

I'm back with small update.
I like men's short haircut! I like it so so so much. But the site is very difficult to find a short male hair.
I took the basis of alpha by jayurban12 ( MTS ) and brings it a little glam rock )
I like it, I hope you too!

This hair set include 4 different style and come only in black colors.  For teens, students, adults and elder category and only for mens , of course =)
All hairs in * category of hair color =)


Mesh no needed ( it's Maxis )

 *click to enlarge*

Thanks to jayurban12  and Maxis .
All models by me ( Martin and Shamsi )

воскресенье, 19 августа 2012 г.

Glitter, more glitter!

It's me again... I had some free time and spend it correctly)
Well, go to the update?

My new set of clothes. Beautiful gold glitz,black leather and sexy shoes make your simmie a superstar! =)
 This set includes: 3 casual-formal dresses, 1 top and 1 leggins .
All clothing only for adults.


              *click to enlarge*

Thanks to ulkrhsn, BlooM and Sentate for that beautiful meshes!  
All models by me ( Gisele, Marfa, Anita, Lily)

четверг, 2 августа 2012 г.

Boys, boys, boys ! I'm ready for your love :D

Hello again, my sweeties  :**

I have a new small update) Long time i wanted take some photos with my chocolate boys ^_^
But for this I need to make some new male update. Today it happened)
Martin and Alisher presents you new hair retexture ))))))))) I love thats boys <3

Big thanks to P3D-Art ( http://www.renderosity.com ) for that realistic textures.

Set included 5 colors. All colors in * category. For all ages.

Mesh included

Enjoy =)

*click to enlarge*

Thanks to Newsea for that amazing hair mesh
All models by me ( Martin, Alisher )

суббота, 21 июля 2012 г.

Oh yeah baby...I'm back!

Helooooooo, my sweeties!!!!!
I miss you so much!!!!! So-so-so much!
I missed about creations in TS2. Im so happy say you -"Yes baby, im back!"

So... this is my new blog. There will be uploaded not only my works.
Soon, I'll introduce you to an amazing boy - Arthur Kiselev. He's a great sims-artist. And I'm sure talented sims-creator. Soon you can see this =)

My new set of clothes. Beautiful blue color,combined with leather and mesh looks amazing in my opinion.
This set includes:  2 only casual outfits and 1 casual-formal dress.
All clothing only for adults.


*click to enlarge* 

Thanks to LaVanilla and Sentate for that beautiful meshes!  

  All models by me ( Lily,
Anita, Marfa )