понедельник, 20 августа 2012 г.

Anarchy has come to Russia =)

Hello, my little bitches =)

I'm back with small update.
I like men's short haircut! I like it so so so much. But the site is very difficult to find a short male hair.
I took the basis of alpha by jayurban12 ( MTS ) and brings it a little glam rock )
I like it, I hope you too!

This hair set include 4 different style and come only in black colors.  For teens, students, adults and elder category and only for mens , of course =)
All hairs in * category of hair color =)


Mesh no needed ( it's Maxis )

 *click to enlarge*

Thanks to jayurban12  and Maxis .
All models by me ( Martin and Shamsi )

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